Monthly Archives: February 2016

Shanghai Major group stage

Been a couple of nice days here in Shanghai even though we have been at the hotel most of the time. A normal day here has been to wake up and have breakfast at 6-7 am, then go to the practice room to play some pubs/watch replays and after that go shower and get ready for […]

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First day in China

[If you want to get an update every time I post something here you can just subscribe to the right/bottom of the page (depending on if you are reading on your phone or desktop) by typing in your email. You will then automatically get a notification when something is posted] Been in the practice room most of the […]

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Off to China!

Short update from my phone. On our way to the airport now, bootcamp has been good! We went to the cinema after practice two days ago and watched Deadpool, really liked it! Would recommend you to see it if you haven’t already :).     Next update will be from China, stay tuned! 🙂

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