Shanghai Major group stage

Been a couple of nice days here in Shanghai even though we have been at the hotel most of the time. A normal day here has been to wake up and have breakfast at 6-7 am, then go to the practice room to play some pubs/watch replays and after that go shower and get ready for things we had scheduled for the day. Most days has just been practice days so we have just been playing and hanging out at the hotel. Yesterday was the only day we actually did something else than playing. EGM’s friend took us to a nice restaurant where we had dinner and after that we went to a bar/club where we had some drinks. Was fun to see the nightlife a bit and do something else than just play at the hotel! But with that out of the way it’s time to prepare for our game vs. Liquid in the playoffs. They drew the groups after group D was finished today so we didn’t know who we were facing until just a couple of hours ago. We have some days to prepare though so it’s all good!

Nice red light.. 😀 EGM’s friend on the right!

Been some drama going on here with how the production has been going and that they removed James as a host. It’s hard to comment anything regarding James since I/we don’t know everything that has happened, all I can say is that I think it’s sad how it turned out but hopefully the rest of the event will run smoothly.

IMG_5457 new
Loda is hyped about the good food! 🙂

IMG_5480For me as a player I think the event has been good. I value when the organizers are doing everything they can to make things work, and for example when we arrived and noticed that the screens only could do 60hz they managed to get new ones that worked with 144hz for everyone just a day later. I agree that it is a big mistake and 144hz monitors are very standard for tournaments but when they manage to fix it straight away it’s not really a problem anymore. The internet at the hotel has been really good and since we have our practice room open 24/7 we can practice whenever we want. I understand that there has been problems with delay and the production but yeah, as I said for me as a player it’s been good and I think some has overreacted with how bad it has been. Hopefully the main event will run without any problems at all!

Panorama picture of the view outside the restaurant.

We are playing the first game on Wednesday and if we manage to win that one we are in the top6 which would be a really good start! 🙂


First day in China

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Been in the practice room most of the day with just short food brakes. We woke up quite early today, around 5 am because of jet lag. Since I can go to sleep pretty much everywhere and anytime I can adjust my sleep schedule most of the times while we travel so I don’t get so jet-lagged and I guess this time it worked out quite good as well. Staying awake until around 11 pm today so tomorrow will feel like just any day. Achievement “Overcome jet lag” unlocked! 🙂

Loda in the practice room!
Some nice-looking pastries from the breakfast.
The practice room. It’s basically a normal hotel room but they removed the beds and added some desks. Works fine though!

Tomorrow is media day so we are gonna go to their studio to take some pictures and record something. Other then that we have scheduled some scrims to warm up before the group stage that starts the 26th for us. All groups are played on different days so group A play the first day, group B the second one and so on. We are in group B so we are playing the second day.

*EDIT Wrote we were in group C first which was incorrect 🙂


Off to China!

Short update from my phone. On our way to the airport now, bootcamp has been good! We went to the cinema after practice two days ago and watched Deadpool, really liked it! Would recommend you to see it if you haven’t already :).   

 Next update will be from China, stay tuned! 🙂