Monthly Archives: February 2016


Started to bootcamp today, was fun to be able to hang out with the team again! I think they all should move to Gothenburg so we can meet more often :). Really looking forward to the Major and I hope we go far so we are able to play a lot of games there. Gonna go watch […]

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Tough games against MB

The games yesterday were quite hard but we managed to win 2-1! We were scared that they would go for a heavy push lineup in the second game so we stole Pugna from them (which I also ended up playing) but with no real plan how to use it ourselves :D. I can admit it’s […]

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Valentine’s day

Hope you all had a good Valentine’s day! Me and Bummi started the day with making pancakes for breakfast. Last year I tried to make one that looked like a heart but that was a total failure so I stuck with normal ones this time ^^. Was fun games versus Liquid, was nice to win 2-0 […]

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