Started to bootcamp today, was fun to be able to hang out with the team again! I think they all should move to Gothenburg so we can meet more often :). Really looking forward to the Major and I hope we go far so we are able to play a lot of games there.

S4 and EGM playing a pub!

Gonna go watch Deadpool together tomorrow, everyone that I know that have seen it have said that it was very good so I’m really looking forward to it. Gonna go watch it quite late after we played a lot of practice games to make sure we practice as well :).


Tough games against MB

CbSZaKYWcAAfYKk.jpgThe games yesterday were quite hard but we managed to win 2-1! We were scared that they would go for a heavy push lineup in the second game so we stole Pugna from them (which I also ended up playing) but with no real plan how to use it ourselves :D. I can admit it’s not really my type of a hero, I’m even 1-6 with him in pubs but I tanked it and tried to make the best out of it ^^.

After the games, me and Loda met up with two Chinese fans who currently are studying in England. They were here in Gothenburg on vacation (I think) and they had a gift for us with them that they wanted to hand over. We met them in the gaming bar (where they had been watching our games) over some nice food and drinks. We were there for an hour before we had to head home again, was really nice to see them! They gave me some tea from England that the Queen apparently likes so I’m sure I will like it as well :). Thanks again!

As you can see in the picture below Shiva goes crazy when he gets to play with his new toy. He keeps on chasing it until he catches it or are too tired to run.. 😀IMG_5100.JPG

Playing Vega at 20:00 CET, time for a rematch! 🙂


Valentine’s day

Almost looks like a heart, right? 😀

Hope you all had a good Valentine’s day! Me and Bummi started the day with making pancakes for breakfast. Last year I tried to make one that looked like a heart but that was a total failure so I stuck with normal ones this time ^^.

Was fun games versus Liquid, was nice to win 2-0 again after we lost 0-2 versus Vega. The games against Vega felt really off, like nothing went the way we wanted to and it felt like in the first game that we ended up with quite a bad draft. It happens though, especially because the mode is Captains Draft. Second game against Liquid was especially fun (I love to play Crystal Maiden) except for the early game. It’s hard when you have a wild Night Stalker in the opponent’s team roaming around like crazy when you are a slow Crystal Maiden.. 😀

Playing MB tomorrow at 17:00 CET in the Captains Draft tournament. They have been playing very good lately so will be hard games!