Monthly Archives: February 2016

Starladder trophy

I got the Starladder trophy delivered to me today¬†and as you can see in the picture below I’m very happy about it :D. The reason I’m getting it is because I won it by playing rock-paper-scissors against S4 and Bulldog (EGM got the trophy from G-1 league in 2013 and Loda got a trophy from […]

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Thoughts about Chen’s recent dominance

Chen has gotten very popular lately, going from not being picked at all to almost getting picked or banned in every game. Why did this happen? Was it one big change or a lot of small ones? Chen has always been my favorite hero. When I started to play Dota1 the reason why I liked¬†Chen […]

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Officials and friend’s birthday

Feels good to be able to play some officials again! Yesterday went very good for us starting with a clean 2-0 versus DC and we managed to continue that streak today versus Empire! Our second game today was almost a disaster since we tried to go Roshan level 1 but we all stacked too close […]

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