Stream and last weekend

Some of you might have seen it already but I set up my stream last Saturday! Played some Ori and the Blind Forest to warm up to stream a bit and we’ll see what happens in the future. I know a lot of you want to see me stream Dota – I’ll let you know when I will! 🙂

Went out to meet some friends for a couple of drinks after the stream. The picture below is of me and my friend Fred who I met when I studied computer game development a couple of years ago! 🙂


Really looking forward to go to our next event! We are leaving for Starladder in Kiev in about two weeks, was quite some time since we were there since the latest Starladder events has been in other countries and cities. Gonna be fun to be back! 🙂


Roster changes and patch

Woke up this morning to some unexpected roster changes (Universe and Arteezy leaving EG and joining Secret instead of Misery and w33). What surprises me the most is that Universe is leaving EG but with that said it’s impossible to know what has been going on in the team or what kind of offer he got so not much more to say. Always sad for the players that gets kicked but on the bright side two of em just won a Major. I guess almost everyone has their eyes set on TI though but winning a Major is huge as well! Hope everything turns out well for everyone in the end!

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with the invites for the Manila major, how many Chinese teams that Valve will invite. I think the Starladder tournament (SL i­League Dota Invitational) where LGD and VG are playing will decide whether or not they will receive invites. If they end up finishing last at Starladder, together with the bad results at the Shanghai major it’s probably hard to justify an invite for them, but at the same time it’s weird to not invite any Chinese teams at all so all of them will have to fight for two slots in the qualifier.. Oh well, we’ll see what happens! 🙂

The “Spring cleaning” updates regarding game play was for example about hit boxes when selecting wards. I’m a bit 50/50 here – one part of me really dislike that you can see the neutral camp boxes because I’ve enjoyed that part of the game with knowing the exact spots to block camps and where to de-ward. At the same time I understand that for a new player it’s very hard to get into the game and know all these things so in that sense it’s a good change. Not much to do about it though, I should just be happy I don’t have to sit and practice wards spots anymore! 😀


Weekend at our friends

Been quite some time since I posted something here on the blog now! Got to practice some last week which was nice and during the weekend me and Bummi went to visit our friends David and Emelie (that also run the Swedish blog Gaminggrannar together with Emelie’s brother Andreas). They live in another city here in Sweden, about 3 hours train away, so we stayed there over the night. They recently got a son (about half a year old) named Aran so it was fun to finally get to meet him! David also has a very impressive collection of games as you can see in the pictures below..!




Been getting some questions about if we are playing any other event before Epicenter and the answer is yes! Just not sure when it will be announced – I’ll make sure to let you know when it is! 🙂