Michelin star restaurant in Gothenburg

Yesterday was the first time me and Bummi visited a restaurant that had a Michelin star. Bummi had surprised me with a booking when I came home from China at a place called “SK Mat & Människor”. The food was very nice presented and I really liked 3 out of the 4 dishes we got but I think our expectations were a bit too high just because we knew it was a Michelin star restaurant so because of that the food felt just decent. It was well worth the money though, the service was really really good and today when I think back about the dishes it was probably better than just decent. All in all it was a very nice dinner!


Picture from yesterday outside the restaurant

Sorry that there are no pictures of the food but I just didn’t want to sit with my iPhone and take photos while we were eating, it just didn’t feel right.. 😀

Not sure how but I managed to not get a cold after we got back from Shanghai. I almost always get sick after an event but hopefully that is changed now and I stay healthy! 🙂


13 Comments on “Michelin star restaurant in Gothenburg”

  1. Tjena Akke! Lite off-topic men jag tyckte du spelade riktigt bra i Shanghai, jag tror det är fruktsamt för laget att du kör pos 4 men alla måste vara redo för det så dina rotationer betyder något! Ha det så jävla gött, kämpa hårt och lev gott! 🙂


  2. Hej Akke,

    Lite orolig över hur få official matcher ni har mellan nu och Manila majorn. Har ni planner at gå med i några andra tournies eller är det mer vile tid ni är ute efter?


    P.S. Härligt att du undvek att bli sjuk 😛


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