Monthly Archives: April 2016

Summary of the past week

Just got home from the cinema! Went to see The Jungle Book together with Bummi, Loda, EGM, Kelly and our friend Isaac. Really liked it, was one of the better movies we’ve seen lately so if you haven’t seen it yet and like movies like that you should go and watch it! Was very happy when […]

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Dark Souls 3 & ESL Manila

Last week just before we left for Starladder Dark Souls 3 was released in Sweden. I only had time to try it an hour since we were preparing for Starladder but I’ve played some more now after we got home and killed 4 bosses so far, really enjoy it! When I played Dark Souls 2 I choose […]

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Post Starladder thoughts

Back home from Starladder today! We actually wanted to go back yesterday but there were no good tickets so we decided to stay and practice in Kiev instead. We ended up playing against MVP which was nice, they are always very serious so really good to practice against. Going back to the tournament, we started out […]

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