Monthly Archives: May 2016

Manila Major Part 1

We arrived at the hotel in Manila yesterday evening after a very pleasant flight. Most of you probably know already since so many tweeted about it but we got business class from Valve on our flights to Manila and we are very grateful for that. You can really feel the difference, we actually felt quite rested […]

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Summary of Epicenter

Got back last Monday from one of the best tournaments I’ve ever been to. It was almost like a TI, everything was organized very well. I really liked the stage setup with the wards and Roshan in the middle – looked really cool! It’s fun to see that the tournament was as good from a spectator’s point […]

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First days in Moscow

The first days here at Epicenter has been very good! The hotel is very nice in general, the practice room was all setup and ready to go when we arrived and we’ve been well informed about the tournament, things like when we need to be ready to take pictures and stuff like that. Since our […]

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