Winners from Bubble Pop Heroes

Fun to see that so many people downloaded and played the game Bubble Pop Heroes that I’ve made together with some friends. As I wrote in the other post the person who got the highest score from both Android and iOS will win something as well as people randomly selected from everyone that has played it. I will send you guys an email later today!

The winners are:

  • yegor123 who got the highest score on iOS. I will send you one of my old team shirts as well as an autograph code!
  • bartoszkostka who got the highest score on Android. I will send you an autograph code!

The rest below were randomly chosen and will also receive an autograph code.

  • panderic
  • annanoriko
  • nattkrullarn
  • alexgodstone

Thanks to all who participated and played!


Situation update

Got back yesterday from my vacation in Hong Kong. It’s been a great and fun trip even though it was a bit hard to concentrate the last couple of days because of all the things that has been happening. I’m not gonna write anything about Hong Kong right now because I think most of you just want to hear a bit more what is going on and what’s gonna happen next.

I would like to adress the interview with Monster where I stated that changes needed to be done but “not like switching players”. Playing with Alliance has been great and I saw us having a lot of potential together – there were many games that we managed to turn because of good late game decisions and there were many games where we won the early game hard. At the same time we also had flaws which was shown on the main stage of TI6 where we didn’t manage to win a game against either EHOME or Fnatic but I was hoping we would try to work on our problems instead of switching roster. With that said, I don’t blame s4 at all for wanting to leave and try to play in another team. I kindly ask you guys to do the same and respect his decision since he hasn’t done anything wrong.

When it was final that s4 was gonna play with LUL nice try ^^ I was still in Hong Kong on vacation. It was quite hard to focus and think of what to do and come up with a decision what to do next. For me, s4 was very important for our team and since Bulldog would stop playing as well I felt we were somewhat in the same position as after TI4. I don’t want to go through a year like that again with all the shuffles; I think we played with 9 different players before we ended up with the TI3 roster again. Me and Loda spoke quite a bit and in the end we decided that it was probably for the best to part ways and see where the future brings us.

My biggest wish is to keep on competing but it’s quite hard to find a team right now since most of them are already finalized but I’m looking around for opportunities and options. The dream would be to be able to continue to represent the Alliance brand – the connection you feel with all the fans and the name after such a long time is very special and not something you easily would choose to leave behind. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen right now, if I will find a team I want to play with, if I will take a break or do something else. I’ll make sure to let you guys know when I’ve decided what I’m gonna do. In the meantime; thank you so much for all the love, shoutout threads on reddit, cheering, and the support you guys have been giving the past years. I’ve said it before but I really really appreciate it.


Win one of my team shirts!

Went through my drawers after I got home from TI and found a couple of old team shirts among some other things I’ve gotten at past TI’s. I even found some autograph cards from TI4! Since I don’t use a lot of these things I might as well give it away to people who wants it so I thought you guys can battle it out in Bubble Pop Heroes (the mobile game I’ve made with some friends) to see who deserves it the most! 😀

I’m going on vacation for almost two weeks tomorrow (going to Hong Kong) so I will let you guys practice and get highscores until then. The UI with the scores is a bit bugged sometimes if you wonder why it’s empty once in a while ^^.

You can download the game here or search for “Bubble Pop Heroes” on Android or iPhone.

The one that gets the best total score from both the Android and the iPhone leaderboard will win something 100% but I will also randomize some things out to people who just have tried it. I’ll get back to you with this after I’m home from the vacation!

Good luck and take care!