Situation update

Got back yesterday from my vacation in Hong Kong. It’s been a great and fun trip even though it was a bit hard to concentrate the last couple of days because of all the things that has been happening. I’m not gonna write anything about Hong Kong right now because I think most of you just want to hear a bit more what is going on and what’s gonna happen next.

I would like to adress the interview with Monster where I stated that changes needed to be done but “not like switching players”. Playing with Alliance has been great and I saw us having a lot of potential together – there were many games that we managed to turn because of good late game decisions and there were many games where we won the early game hard. At the same time we also had flaws which was shown on the main stage of TI6 where we didn’t manage to win a game against either EHOME or Fnatic but I was hoping we would try to work on our problems instead of switching roster. With that said, I don’t blame s4 at all for wanting to leave and try to play in another team. I kindly ask you guys to do the same and respect his decision since he hasn’t done anything wrong.

When it was final that s4 was gonna play with LUL nice try ^^ I was still in Hong Kong on vacation. It was quite hard to focus and think of what to do and come up with a decision what to do next. For me, s4 was very important for our team and since Bulldog would stop playing as well I felt we were somewhat in the same position as after TI4. I don’t want to go through a year like that again with all the shuffles; I think we played with 9 different players before we ended up with the TI3 roster again. Me and Loda spoke quite a bit and in the end we decided that it was probably for the best to part ways and see where the future brings us.

My biggest wish is to keep on competing but it’s quite hard to find a team right now since most of them are already finalized but I’m looking around for opportunities and options. The dream would be to be able to continue to represent the Alliance brand – the connection you feel with all the fans and the name after such a long time is very special and not something you easily would choose to leave behind. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen right now, if I will find a team I want to play with, if I will take a break or do something else. I’ll make sure to let you guys know when I’ve decided what I’m gonna do. In the meantime; thank you so much for all the love, shoutout threads on reddit, cheering, and the support you guys have been giving the past years. I’ve said it before but I really really appreciate it.


56 Comments on “Situation update”

  1. Hello, Akke!

    May I ask you the same question that one of the users asked you in previous post: “Are you an atheist?”

    Thank you for you blog. Thank you for your performance with Alliance. Good luck with your next DotA endeavors! We’ll be cheering on you.


    • Hey Yuri… Why do you care so much about someone’s beliefs? Am i wrong, or are you also the one, that already asked Bulldog manymany times if he’s an atheist? 🙂


      • Alex,
        1. I don’t know why do you think that I do care much. As I already stated, I just saw the same question in previous blog and got interested enough to ask for myself.
        2. No, I did not ask him. Before your message I didn’t even know that he has a blog as well (not that I’m going to read in anyway).


    • It doesn’t matter.

      If you are a religious person waiting to pass judgements on someone’s religious beliefs you truly deserve hell.

      If you are an atheist wanting to judge a person over his beliefs, you are an ass.


      • Wow. Double standards much?

        So a religious person passing judgement on someones beliefs deserves hell but a non religious person passing judgement on someones beliefs is only an ass and doesn’t deserve hell?

        Just because someone is religious doesn’t mean they believe in hell. You’ve already assumed and passed judgement.

        Just saying that is ridiculous. You’re an embarrassment to humanity.


        • I think they are saying that a non-religious person doesn’t believe in hell, so its not much of an insult telling them that they need to go there.


          • That’s it. I just wish he would’ve told me to go to hell, instead of calling me an embarrassment to humanity. Atheists like to refer themselves as humanists, so that was really mean.


        • >You’re an embarrassment to humanity.

          As an Atheist, that’s a good insult. If I could edit my comment I would include it. However if someone would tell me to go to hell I wouldn’t find it offensive. That’s what I was trying to go for. You can tell me to go to hell if you want.

          >You’ve already assumed and passed judgement.

          I didn’t meant to pass any judgement, but perhaps I used a strong language. I meant that you shouldn’t ask a question with the intent to judge. Especially if that person has already refused to answer.


        • Ha-ha, people you just made my day!
          You, gentlemen, just presented a typical example of DotA community, straight from some EU pub.)


      • Now, I don’t consider myself stupid enough to dislike people just for their beliefs or sexual preferences. However I may dislike people for feeding, picking 4 carry heroes, purchasing MoM on Timber or CM and so on…, but only for 20-30 minutes (because we do lose fast, lol).

        When you discover that the person you admire a lot has interests or ideas that differ from yours or oppose them, do you start hating them suddenly?
        That’s illogical, isn’t it. Especially at this day and age when people are free to chose whatever they wish. Unfortunately, humanity still isn’t past this predicament but I do not consider myself fast to rush to such conclusions.

        “It doesn’t matter.”
        Yes, you’re right because such information won’t change our view of Akke, however it will widen our knowledge of him. When people respect and admire someone it’s only natural that they want to know more.
        In my case it’s just an interest, for I have many more questions to ask. One at blog though..

        As last but also the most important thing that we should do is to cheer Akke on. It’s a very hard choice that he had, that’s why should support him even more. On TI6 (as I read in 7ckngmad’s blog) a huge pressure happened, and no matter how Alliance performed, for us they did it great!

        P. S. I’d like to see Akke streaming in the future.


  2. Very sad that my favorite te[A]m of all times is breaking up… But I’m also keen to see what all the individual players are going to do. Akke, you’re my favorite support player and I wish you the best with what you are going to do. Thanks for all your great plays. (And I’m hoping that you will find a new team and continue to play Dota!!! :D)


  3. We will be rooting for you, whomever you end up playing with, whatever you decide to do. Cheers, Akke! And don’t lose it, keep it real 🙂


  4. Joakim du är en av dom spelarna man följer som ett fan oavsett vart och med vilka du spelar! Jag kommer definitivt att följa alla dina matches med glädje, det är både tråkigt och spännande att ni har valt att gå delade vägar, det ska blir kul att se vart allt leder och jag hoppas att du hittar ett lag att spela med innan roster locken. 🙂


  5. Akke why did you decide to also leave Alliance? According to your post you seem to have only learned about s4’s decision when you’re in Hong Kong. Do you think your decision to depart was the right one? You can help Loda with the team..


  6. I thought alliance dream is to get 2nd aegis which is nobody got it.. wish u guys don’t stop believing on ur dreams. U tried once tried twice.. keep practicing.. base on my observation there is no problem on ur playstyle.. the drafts is just bad. For example 1st game SD and sk mirana. 2nd game u still give the same picks on opponents. I’m not professional as u guys just giving my opinion. Well good luck to you and alliance.. just say hi to loda..


  7. Long live Alliance, thanks for (so far!) an insane amount of joy I’ve had following you and Alliance, the entire year of TI3 where you crushed G1 so hard and then everything seemed to click, all the way up to KINGS OF THE NORTH!
    I will cherish those memories and I hope to see you back in action as soon as possible, no one else plays support like you, not even remotely close.
    Ta det lungt min svenske venn.:D


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  9. I’m so glad you’ve done this post. You’re the only player that REALLY cares about your fans and we are grateful to you for it. I really wanted to ask you to choose to stay on Alliance if you have a little doubt about leaving. In any case, I’ll keep cheering for you!

    Best wishes, Akke.


  10. Akke…what a lovely guy. I’m not gonna lie, my heart is broken due to you and Loda parting ways, but we…I will keep supporting both of you to the very end of this wild ride. I wish you the best, you are my favorite player EVER! Cheers.


  11. Love u bro 😉 only u bothered to give an explanation, loda is too.emotional.hope it didn’t spoil ur hkg trip .yup with ur skill u deserved better
    wishing u all e best


  12. Alliance will always be my favorite team. It is really sad that you guys are parting ways. I will never forget rooting for this team through the ups and downs. Thank you Akke for being part of it. I wish you good luck in your future. Much love from the Philippines. Long Live Alliance


  13. I just wanna say I love you for all the joy you brought to my life with this team, and I hope you stick to [A] because you are the soul of the team, and i already feel lost without you guys, dota without isnt fun to watch, no other team i could ever root for as hard as I root for [A]


  14. Best of luck Akke! It’s really sad to see you go but I hope it truly works out for the better for all the Alliance players past and present. You will always be In our hearts and we will continue to cheer for you wherever you go!


  15. Hi Akke can I join alliance iam a young talented player in my school and I’m 15 years old I’m looking for a mentor to teach me because there is still many things I need to learn and I also have a dota preparation on my local tournament I have won 3 trophies this far.
    I hope you are interested
    Please contact me if you are 🙂


  16. No matter where the 5 of [A] end up with, I’ll continue support you guys.

    ヽ( ಥ﹏ಥ)ノ Long Live [A]lliance ヽ( ಥ﹏ಥ)ノ


  17. Man, of all pro players you’re one of the most respectables. Keep the good work and you’ll reach sucess again! Good luck and have fun 🙂


  18. Good luck Akkeeee!!! Still cheering for you!!! (/ T oT)/
    ヽ( ಥ﹏ಥ)ノ Long Live [A]lliance ヽ( ಥ﹏ಥ)ノ
    (lol that blank space)


  19. Sorry to see this kind of news, but hey… that’s life..
    It’s really heartbreaking because of so many fans that you have. We have all witnessed what happened after TI4 and how’d it went.. EGM at team tinker – not so good… S4 at Secret-not so good. I gotta be honest with you and tell you that i think the same will happen again… deja vu.
    Only this time it’s s4, bulldog and YOU who are leaving the team.. What made Alliance such a great team with so many supporters even during your darkest and hardest of times, (post ti4).. Is unity.. even though 2 players left, the core was the same, YOU and Loda.. I really can’t imagine you not playing with Loda any more.. I’ve been following dota for more than 12 years… I know you and Loda ever since SK Gaming ages ago back in 2007 if i recall.. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i think you can’t without Loda Berg, but it’s you dont belong elsewhere.. You belong in Alliance, ofc it is your career and we can’t tell you what to do, but.. trust me.. There is no greater synergy but the one you and loda have as carry and support.. So many good memories, so many victories, so many fans made proud, those are memories worth having for a lifetime.. I dont think Alliance wihtout you guys is just a name, As i see the situation, Loda deserves all the credit for a lot of things, and him being constantly humiliated by rotten community is not a good thing. I will probably congratulate that man for everything he has done for dota 1 and dota 2… I would never, again, NEVER move to dota 2 if it wasn’t for people like you and Loda.. You are oldschool guys, who are the fathers to this game, and few of us who remained from dota 1 deserve more than almost entire team disbaning… The one thing that held Alliance for so long (unlike other teams) is unity.. There were roster changes as everywhere.. But no team will ever be thorn apart as Alliance will if you leave.. Alliance is your team, Alliance is your home, Alliance is your community.. You and brother Loda will always be welcome in Croatia (if you ever decide to come).

    But think wisely young Akterhall… The world is dangeruous out there, and choose your friends wisely in your future carreer.. #NeverStopBelieving #Alliance=SKGaming


  20. Hi Akke,

    I have always had the greatest respect for you as a person, probably more than any other pro dota player considering your career outside of dota. (im a 40 yr old guy, not your average dota 2 player)
    Dont worry about your future, you have succeded before and will do so again, lifes succeses is not all about TI Finals.



  21. Hello Akke,

    It’s heartbreaking to see [A]lliance fall apart. But I have one good thing to offer you that nobody else can. I can be your new Loda. Give me this chance and you will not be disappointed. It actually is a serious offer. Don’t let me down on this one, Joakim. We got this, together!




  22. I believe you’ll be a great coach for Alliance’s new roster, maybe that’s a way for you to keep representing the brand, and for us to keep enjoying your involvement with the scene.

    All the best!


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  24. Hello Akke, And all f[A]ns around the world

    i play dota since in the college with my friends, i download so many replay include SK-Gaming and all Loda+Akke team, im always ur big fan guys, Its hard for me to see you Akke not play with Loda, sorry, but i think it wont work with u guys fall apart, just take a break or coach [A] please, its ur home, ur friend, and ofcourse ur f[A]m too… but im just a fan, hope u guys succeed in every way u take,

    Cheers from Indonesi[A]


  25. Been an Alliance fan since TI3, also the reason i started playing dota2 🙂 …you guys know what’s best and all of us support you no matter what! If a break is needed so be it, in every relationship a small timeout can work out wonders.

    Best of luck! From a romanian guy only love4alliance! 😀


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