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Short Q&A

Got a couple of questions on Twitter and Facebook so I chose 3 of them to answer! 🙂 What about the increasing need for psychology in e-sport teams (and also its practice by unqualified persons)? I’m heading towards this and your insights would be more than welcome. If I understand your question correct (please correct me […]

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Trip to the mall

Went to pick up Bummi after lunch when she was done with her work for today (only working 50% in August) to go to a mall. Problem with having a lot of spare time is that you want to do something all the time so you just end up spending money 😆 Me and Bummi […]

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Return of the blog

..for like the 10th time. It’s really been an on and off thing for me but it’s still fun to have if I ever feel like writing something! Changed the layout a bit to make it more clean, removed the sidebar along with some other things. Hope you like it! ^^ I went on parental […]

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