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The Witness

As some of you know I started to play The Witness last week which is a 3D puzzle game made by Jonathan Blow (same guy that made Braid a couple of years ago). I had no idea what to expect when I started to play it because I hadn’t read anything about it. The only thing I saw […]

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Hey all! First of all I have to tell you guys that I went to the gym today because otherwise it doesn’t count, right? 🙂 Was quite some time ago I was there the last time, been sick and just lazy so it’s time to change that again! Just wanted to point out that I’m […]

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First post on my new blog!

Hey everyone and sorry for the lack of updates! My contract expired with TV6 in the end of 2015 so that is the reason I haven’t blogged there anymore. I still like to write and tell you guys what’s going on once in a while though so that’s why I started this blog instead! 🙂 There […]

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