Arena of Valor, gamescom, Illidan and WESG

Hey all, long time no see here on the blog! 🙂 Not long after I got back from TI I went to gamescom in Cologne to promote the new mobile game Arena of Valor. It’s your typical MOBA but played on your phone instead of computer. Most of the times when I get asked to do things like this I decline, in the past the reason has been to focus on Dota but also that I generally don’t want to promote things I don’t enjoy or like. In this case I really enjoy the game a lot and a game duration of 10-20 minutes is very convenient, especially now when I have a kid.

Happy Illidan 🙂
Anyway, Loda went to gamescom to do the same thing as well so it was kinda like the old times when we went to tournaments together. It was fun to get to hang out more again and both of us were hyped about competing in a new game even though it was a promotional event for us with no prizes. In one of the games we played against old League of Legend pros which kind of became a grudge match because both of us wanted to win really badly and show that the players from “our” game were better than theirs.. 😀 After the event was over we had dinner with all the players, organizers and the owners of Arena of Valor. We were only there for 2 days but it was 2 good days indeed!
Me with one of the iPhone 7+ winners during the Arena of Valor event
Next week I went to Stockholm for a photoshoot with Dreamhack for their new merchandise. Their new web shop isn’t all up and running yet, so far I think they only have the Dream League jacket out, but we took a lot of cool photos! Anna, an old friend of mine now who I’ve met at multiple events, was one of the people working with Dreamhack and was there during the photoshoot to make sure everything went smooth. It’s fun to get to work with friends on things I never thought I would do when I started to work in the gaming industry.
Picture from the photoshoot with Dreamhack
After this and a couple of weeks after not much happened because me and Bummi were expecting a child so we were chilling most of the time. We’ve tried to keep it somewhat secret because we wanted to announce it when we felt we were ready for it. Becoming a father has been a lot of fun, sure some nights have been somewhat sleepless but apart from that it’s been cozy and fun to take care of little Illidan! I’m very happy with the name, when Bummi and I met over 14 years ago we played a lot of Warcraft III together and we wanted to take a name that meant something for us. We wanted a name that was easy to pronounce in both Swedish and English and that didn’t sound weird in any of those two languages; Illidan fits both those categories. And let’s not forget that Illidan is an extremely awesome character! 🙂
Bummi and Illidan
Going back to Dota, I qualified for the WESG EU playoff together with Loda, Gorgc, Micke and Insania. It’s mostly for fun since we haven’t gotten to practice much at all, it’s hard for me to find time but as always I’m very serious when it comes to competing. Doesn’t matter how much or little I’ve practiced for anything like this, I still always want to win! We will go to the European playoffs in Barcelona in a couple of weeks and the goal there is to qualify for the main event where the first place prize is 800’000 dollars! It will be hard for us to get there but I believe! ^^
IMG_3101 (1)
Shiva and Midas… 😀
Coming up next me, Loda and some other Swedes will represent Sweden in an Arena of Valor tournament. We are going to Poland next weekend to play against the French team so the next month will be a mix of Arena of Valor and Dota tournaments! 🙂
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Happy New Years!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve! I spent most of the time with family, friends, good food and games – I got enough of party after the Christmas party we had with Alliance.. 😀 Got some good and practical Christmas presents from my parents like clothes and such. Even though it’s a lot of fun with gifts the most important thing for me is to get to see my family and have a good time. Me and my sister decided not to buy anything for each other since we hadn’t found anything we thought the other could enjoy or use. It just feels wrong when you spend money on things you know a person wont use or like, then it’s better to just give it some other time when you actually find something nice!

On New Year’s Eve me, Bummi and my sister went to my uncle and his husband for lunch and coffee. After I posted a picture of that on Instagram I got a couple of questions and negative comments (mostly happy though which is nice) because I wrote “uncle” and “husband” and yes, they are gay. They are also two of the kindest, coolest, most inspirational and generally awesome people I know and I’m so happy to have them both in my life. They’ve been together for more than 50 years but are still as caring and loving towards each other as they’ve always been, just as (in my opinion) a relationship should be.

We’re going to China on Sunday for WESG – going to be interesting to see how it goes. Our latest games in our officials have been quite mediocre but hopefully it will all get together for the event ^^. As I did in the tournament in Kiev (the European qualifier for WESG) I will go in with zero expectations but aim for the top and just see where we land. If we win I’m gonna be super happy but if we aren’t able to perform we still gave it a good try.


Alliance Christmas party

Two days ago we had our Christmas Party at GG-bar and almost all the players and people involved with Alliance came. It’s not often we get the chance to have everyone under the same roof because not many tournaments have competitions in all the games.

Almost everyone. Some people are missing.. 😀
Loda and Joeleen (Kelly’s sister). We played a bit of Codenames which is a board game. Super fun! 🙂
Played some Smash4 with Orange, Armada and Android. Obviously Armada and Android are ridiculously good on that as well and not only Melee.. ^^

Played against (ex) Imperial yesterday in Prodota Cup #13 and lost 2-1. Could have won the last game if we played it better and split pushed more (we had Io + Tiny) but we choose to fight them straight on instead. Oh well, at least it’s nice to have a big tournament coming up so you can take all these games as practice and not feel to bad about it even though it always sucks to loose. We are going to WESG finals in January where the 1st prize is 800k dollars so it’s almost like a Major.. Insane! Looking forward to play there! 🙂