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Post TI-qualifiers

I would like to start with thanking you all who have been cheering for us in the qualifier. It means a lot to us to see that we have such nice and dedicated fans and we always do our best to perform as good as possible to make you guys proud! So, back to the qualifier where we […]

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ESL One Frankfurt 2016

After a couple of days at home it was time for us to go to our next event, ESL One Frankfurt! We’ve been here competing twice before and I’m looking forward to our third time! I like how they have changed the structure of the event that there is a GSL group stage in the beginning that […]

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Manila Major Part 2

Got back home earlier today after a very well handled event in Manila. It’s so great to see that everything got a lot more serious after the failure at the Shanghai Major so hopefully this will keep up for the future Majors as well. PGL, the Valve staff and everyone else involved did a really […]

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