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Post Starladder thoughts

Back home from Starladder today! We actually wanted to go back yesterday but there were no good tickets so we decided to stay and practice in Kiev instead. We ended up playing againstĀ MVP which was nice, they are always very serious so really good to practice against. Going back to the tournament, we started out […]

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In Kiev for Starladder!

It’s quite chill to go to a tournament like this one. We’ve been here many times before so we are familiar with the country and it’s the same arena that we’ve been to the other times we’ve been here as well. Feels good to be able to only focus on the tournament and not have […]

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Post Shanghai Major

Finally got back home yesterday. When we arrived at the airport around noon last Sunday we were told by Lufthansa that the flight we were supposed to take got stuck in Beijing so we had to wait around 12 hours for it to arrive in Shanghai. We got a hotel to stay at during the […]

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